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Why Branding is an Essential Part of Event Project Management Plan?

One of the main aspects of an event is offering something fresh and innovative to the attendees by highlighting your brand name in special and appealing ways. At the end of the event, you want your attendees to say “I would like to know more about your brand” rather than just “It was a gorgeous event”. Therefore, good branding is an important part of your event project management plan. It ensures your invitees to have an enhanced image of your brand that stays with them for a long time.

event project management plan

Event branding and management has attained great significance globally. From small business units to giant organizations, events and exhibitions have become a key facet of marketing strategy. This approach has gained maximum attention in the UK. Many companies offer exclusive brand events in London that are customized depending on the type of the brand.

Branding is more than just a logo. Whatever your brand stands for, here are some event branding ideas you can showcase to ensure a successful event –

Communication is the Key to a Successful Event:

Although it may sound cliché, the success of an event depends on more number of participants and attendees. Before you proceed with branding ideas in your event gala, start right by making your potential attendees aware of the venue, time and date of your event. If possible get customary invites or some small tokens done beforehand.

Remember Your Content is Your Brand:

A good registration count of attendees does not decide your event success. They really look forward to the following sessions like hearing lectures, watching audio-visual and other interesting approaches. There are many things to consider apart from the venue and ads. For example – offer them hard copies of the topics to-be-discussed and program menu to keep them hooked throughout.

Engross Attendees into a Pure Branded Experience:

Come up with different participatory activities that highlight your brand. Organize discussion sessions, offer small giveaways etc., all with a special attention towards your brand. Try every possible way to indulge your attendees in a successful branded experience.


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Know Why Bespoke Exhibition Stands are worth your Time and Money

The creative display materials are known to make huge differences at a trade show booth. The best materials can highlight your company’s products and services. If you want to make a long-lasting impression on the potential customers, opt for the bespoke exhibition stands. These are customized according to your requirements and can make you stand apart from the crowd.

The cut-throat world of competition can overshadow anyone if they fail to catch audience attention. However, with a bespoke exhibition stand design, you would be able to make a huge difference.

Types of Exhibition Stands that are Beneficial to Business:

The exhibition stands comes in variety of designs that are distinctively different from each other. A flexible stand is portable and great for a company that participates in loads of exhibitions. The first priority of Banner stands is to attract people within the range of the stand as it is used in crowded exhibitions. Then comes the pop-up stands which not just draws eyes of target customers but also brings them to the company. But, the best stands are those that are designed by an Exhibition Design Agency to portray the company spirit. This type of bespoke or custom built exhibition stand has a brilliantly designed logo which points to the name of the company.

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3 Ways Creative Graphic Design Can Boost your Business Recognition

All of us know that “picture speaks a thousand words” and nowadays, it is the main form of communication for any online business. Your audiences or potent clients need to understand about your business to drive leads. Although there are several means to convey information, but visual helps to make an impact on audiences that stays long in their minds. It is where creative graphic design plays a significant role to convey a message in an innovative way to.

Know More about Graphics:

The word graphics came into being from ‘graph’, which literally means an apt and accurate visual by calculation. It has professional and artistic rules to carry a message that involves blending creative thinking with analytics. Graphics design includes layout, banners, logo, illustration, editorial and packaging.

The Importance of Creative Designing:

Graphics designing involves creative and technological thinking to promote graphically communicative ideas. It is beyond creative illustrations and ideas and all about converting the design process into actual output. So, utilizing graphics is an important step towards maintaining successful business. Below are top three reasons for investing in graphics design in order to boost online business.

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3 Advantages of Using a Customised Exhibition Stand

Over the past few years, exhibitors are increasingly choosing a custom-built exhibition stand. Personalised stands are one of the fastest-growing areas in the exhibition industry owing to there ability to combine the traditional and the innovative. These stands are well-equipped to accommodate high quality graphics within the budget desired by exhibitors. Moreover, they can include both modular or shell scheme exhibition stands.

bespoke exhibition stand design

Below are some of the benefits of choosing a customised exhibition stand design for your upcoming exhibition.

# Unique and makes a lasting impression

A good lasting impression is vital to grab the right amount of attention in this highly-competitive market. The only way to get your message across to your target audience is by standing out from the crowd. Exhibition stands featuring a custom design will help you to exclusively showcase your products or services at an exhibition.

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4 Key Elements for a Successful New Product Launch

Getting a new product ready and out the door is an extremely challenging task. Also, a lot depends on the success of the launch. For instance, a well-executed product launch will mean more happy customers, more sales and a better bottom-line. Conversely, a poor product launch will mean confused or upset customers, fewer sales and negative ROI. So, it is imperative that you get the new product launch marketing plan absolutely spot on.

Take a look below to more about the elements of developing a winning launch strategy

# Market research

An in-depth knowledge about the current state of the market is vital to any new product launch. By conducting thorough research, you will be able to identify the attributes of the market and pockets of opportunity. This will further help you in setting realistic goals and crafting event ideas tailored to the needs of the market.

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3 Ways Roadshows Can Boost The Success Of Your Business

Roadshows are organised events that help businesses across different sectors and industries take their companies brand and message to the masses. They can be arranged in different cities and towns to enhance your brand awareness. It is a wonderful way to spread the word in an interactive, personal format to get the attention of the audience. Typically, they are half-day events that bring together prospects, customers and partners for product demonstrations, thought leadership and networking.

Roadshows can have a positive effect on your business

# Roadshows offer a lot of enthusiasm to sales professionals

You will rarely find a sales executive turn down an opportunity to be out in the field. With roadshows, you will be able to take sales beyond emails and phone calls. Your sales team will be able to create face-to-face relations with prospective customers. However, they can be difficult to arrange since there are so many aspects to organising a roadshow. You can take away the worry by handing over the roadshow event management responsibility to a professional company.

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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Graphic Design Company

Choosing a graphic design firm for your project can be an overwhelming and tricky task, especially because there is no shortage of options to choose from. You will find graphic design firms locally and also miles away. All of them promising you an excellent quality service. So, how do you decide who to choose for your project?

graphic design firms

Below are some points that you must consider when looking for and choosing a graphic design agency.

# Have a clear outline about your project

By jotting down a basic outline of your project, you will be able to narrow down your search. Things like, what does your project entail, the goals, budget and deadline, are some of the things that must be clear in your own mind before you start to look for a company. This is going to help you shortlist the agencies that are capable of handling your stringent requirements.

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What Are the Benefits Of Marketing Roadshows?

Roadshows are often an overlooked marketing technique. However, they are very effective. Roadshows are a series of events that are held across a variety of cities and locations with the aim of marketing the products or services of a company. These events generally revolve around conferences and business meetings. Typically, the management of the companies represented at the roadshows will be present. Interactions between the companies representatives and the customers are also an essential part of the roadshow.

However, most people are not familiar with the benefits that these kinds of events can provide. Here are a few reasons why you should consider going on the road and having these kinds of shows.

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Great Tips For Branding Your Event

Every business owner is aware of the importance of branding at an event. An event is a fertile ground for spreading awareness about yourself and your brand. However, with the number of crass, aggressive branding techniques around, taste and wit are the clear winners. The idea behind this event branding strategy is not to force the audience to notice your flashy ad but play with their imagination and draw their attention gracefully. The latter has much more recall value and will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can choose the services of an event branding agency like Custom Creative to strategise, plan and implement your branding perfectly. Here are some unique, tried and tested tips to brand your event:

Incorporate the Brand in the Décor

There are a number of ways in which a brand can be expertly incorporated into the decor. The exact ideas depend on the venue of the event and the space available. Some amazing ideas to make your brand the theme of the decor are: hanging unique items like coffee mugs, colored wine glasses etc. from strategic locations with your brand logo printed on them.

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Ways In Which Good Graphic Design Helps To Boost Business

One of the most important things for business owners is creating a brand that they believe in and can sell to their potential customers. The brand becomes a crucial part of the business and some might even say that the brand captures the core spirit and values of the company. As the business grows, the brand image must be enhanced and improved. This is a constant process and continues as long as the company is in business. Therefore, the next question arises: How to make the brand better?

If the truth is told, there is no one right way to do this. One approach is to enhance the brand image with creative graphic design. Good quality design is not just an added advantage but something that businesses must strive to achieve. Some other ways in which good graphic design can help a business are mentioned below:


The consumer market today has become an arena of cut-throat competition with a large number of companies trying to grab the attention of a limited consumer group. In this situation, visual appeal is perhaps the most important tool to get the attention of the customer and hold it. Good design makes your products and brand look appealing, so encouraging the customers to seek you out. Standing out is the key.

Adds Recall Value

Return customers are the basis on which a company thrives, regardless of the market they operate in. In order to ensure that your customers remember the brand and pick your product from a shelf lined with similar products, it is important to have good recall value. A good graphic design can make your product stand out and make sure that customers remember it during their shop or visit.

There are companies that can be counted upon to deliver unique graphic design solutions that strengthen brand image and help market your brand correctly. As is apparent, a good graphic design firm will not only help in improving sales but enhance the image of your company as a whole. Since running a business is a long-term commitment, investing in good graphic design will reap guaranteed benefits in the long run.